Adrian Bridges

Guitarist, Composer, Sound Designer



When not playing music, Adrian has worked as an occasional writer and photographer.  He was a runner-up in the 2007 National Young Playwrights competition, and continues to write both theatrically and about his adventures traveling the world.  You can read his those blogs or purchase the books they spawned subsequently at the links below.

Adventures With The Hurricane

Adrian discusses his experience during the week's long New York blackout in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Adventures in italy

Living in Florence, Adrian studied everything from guitar and music to politics and the Italian language, becoming ever more intimate with the culture of Italy. During that time, he had the opportunity to travel extensively around the country, both as a tourist and on tour as a member of his jazz ensemble, "The Afterthought Quartet."

Along the way, he took pictures of much of what he saw, devoting a blog and subsequent book to the photographs he took on those adventures and the journal entries he kept on his trips around Italy and other nearby European locations.

Adventures in Israel

A group of strangers spend 10 special days together, exploring the roots of their shared culture, discovering the nation it birthed today, wandering its terrain, pondering its neighbors, and relating with one another, the rising generation of Jewish adults in both America and Israel.

Continuing Adventures

Adrian continues to travel the world, playing music and working in wine, always keeping his camera and pen nearby. In his latest adventure through central Europe, Adrian spends a week in Prague performing at the Fringe Theater Festival and subsequently meets with wine producers in Germany.