Adrian Bridges

Guitarist, Composer, Sound Designer


Elite For: Strength

charade: Not as good as Love

Izzy Man & The Plan: Boogie On Down

The Afterthought Quartet featuring Andy Gravish
Live at The Blue Note (Milan)

Lotus Blossom (Kenny Dorham)
Spring 2009


Premiered at Adrian Bridges' junior recital on April 11, 2010, this original suite of programmatic music is inspired by the days of the week.

Adrian Bridges - Guitar
Billy Aukstik - Trumpet
Patrick Medina - Saxophone

Dave Mainella - Piano
Evan Crane - Bass
John Bishop - Drums

NYU: Senior & Masters Recitals

Selections from Adrian Bridges' Senior and Masters recitals at NYU, featuring a variety of original compositions and arrangements in styles including jazz, classical, bluegrass, and more, with a host of collaborators.