Adrian Bridges

Guitarist, Composer, Sound Designer

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Two Of A Mind

  • Alchemical Theater Laboratory (map)

Sound Design in "Two of a Mind," an evening of solo performance exploring the restlessness of the human mind and shedding light on mental illness that lies beneath the surface. 

"The Insomniac’s Almanac" by Austin Crowley
"Journey to the Center of a Black Hole" by Paige Goodloe

In support of Project UROK ( 

Friday, May 12 at 7pm
Saturday, May 13 at 7pm
Sunday, May 14 at 7pm

Runtime: 120 minutes with intermission. 

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"The Insomniac’s Almanac"
Writer and Performer - Austin Crowley
Director - TJ Weaver

"Journey to the Center of a Black Hole"
Writer and Performer - Paige Goodloe
Developed with and Directed by - Lauren Z. Adleman
Assistant Director & Stage Manager - Lila Elias

"Two of a Mind"
Producer - Austin Crowley
Producer - Ned Cloonan
Producer - Brenna Ross

What’s on your mind before you fall asleep at night?
“What was I thinking when I said that?”
“Does he feel the same way about me?”
“How long have I been laying here?”

"The Insomniac’s Almanac" brings us inside the bedroom and the mind of Teddy, an insomniac, as he battles with his sleeplessness and questions his own sanity. Luckily, Teddy has his trusty almanac to aid him in his quest for sleep. Plumbing the depths of a sleepless mind, we search for the root cause of a disease that affects nearly 60 million Americans every year. You’ll never look at sleep the same way again after you crack open The Insomniac’s Almanac.

"Journey to the Center of a Black Hole" follows the spiral in and down, both in space and in the human mind, of warps in spacetime so intense that nothing can escape, not even light. Through interactive astrophysics demonstrations, Powerpoints, and personal anecdotes, we explore the darkness that hides all around us, finding tools to understand the black holes we know in our own lives and map the astronomical landscapes of our communities. Come learn to be an astronomer of the human spirit as we take our journey to the very center of a black hole.